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Women and Work

Insights on work, wealth and well-being of working women globally

With women accounting for approximately half of the global workforce*, it's more important than ever to consider how your benefit strategy specifically addresses the needs of working women, especially if your workforce spans countries, if not, continents. To help with this challenge, we explore the needs of working women globally and identify opportunities to engage your employees with resources and benefits that align to their specific needs.


Working Women Around the World

Explore our findings from the latest Global Sentiment Survey relating to working women around the world.  

In this report we look at:

  • the global picture of work/life balance
  • common key stressors
  • financial goals and confidence
  • what benefits are most valued
  • what support is most needed 

Download the full report to read more about these trends and some suggested actions for employers to consider to better meet the needs of their workers.


More research


The Global Sentiment Survey

Find out more about global trends across well-being, financial habits, retirement and work.


UK Research

Read about the 2023 Women and Money survey results in the UK.


US Research

Read the latest report on Supporting Women’s Upward Trajectory.

*International Labour Organization, March 2023

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