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How employers can support the needs of workers across generations, lifestyles, and cultures

Our Global Sentiment Survey highlighted multinational corporations rank talent-related efforts, like attraction, development, and retention, as top priorities. 

But, with changing market conditions and an increasingly diverse working population, how do employers know how to viably meet talent-related priorities, especially when factoring workforces now span countries, if not, continents? 

Here are some areas that we looked at that may help employers better support workers around the world:

  • How employees feel about work - while most workers describe the state of work as ”good,” there are some groups that are more likely to rate work as “good” than others.
  • What support workers want - across all genders, multiple generations, and in most regions, workers are consistent in what they say are important parts of their workplace benefits package and types of support they want from their employers.
  • Where the support needs differ - there are certain demographics of workers that want specific types of benefits and support from their employers.

Download the full report to read about these trends and some suggested actions for employers to consider to better meet the needs of their workers.

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