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Feel fidelity

Fidelity's Global Story

Global Mission Statement

Fidelity is dedicated to supporting the dynamic and growing needs of its Workplace Investing clients worldwide.  Fidelity helps customers as they address retirement benefits globally and as they engage with trends such as international employee growth, pension de-risking and movement to Defined Contribution-based plans.

Fidelity is in the process of enhancing the global workplace investing offering in order to work in partnership with customers, who are also increasingly centralising their benefits management structures.

Together with clients, Fidelity aims to drive efficiency and value.  Fidelity's mission is to offer better retirement outcomes for clients in the markets where they do business.

A Global Approach

As companies continue to expand their global workforces, employers are increasingly interested in a benefits experience that can meet the needs of workers in multiple countries. 

Fidelity understands the needs and challenges associated with offering a consistent employee experience that addresses local market needs and requirements.

That’s why Fidelity is enhancing the global workplace business strategy to:

  • Make it effortless for employers and employees to engage with Fidelity, whenever and wherever they choose
  • Provide a dynamic digital solution for employees, delivering more engaged and consistent experiences
  • Deliver the confidence and peace of mind that Fidelity is safeguarding their information and assets
  • Help drive better outcomes and promote Financial Wellness

*Fidelity refers to one or both of Fidelity International and Fidelity Investments. Fidelity International and Fidelity Investments are separate companies that operate in different jurisdictions through their subsidiaries and affiliates. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.