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2022 Global Sentiment Survey

Understanding attitudes and actions of employees in well-being, financial habits, retirement and work.

About the Global Sentiment Survey

The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey is an annual study of attitudes and actions of employees in four areas: well-being, financial habits, retirement, and work. The survey was first launched in 2021 with the 2022 survey providing extensive information from 20,000 employees in 17 regions.

This information is for scheme sponsors’, trustees’, their advisers’ and consultants’ use only and should not be relied upon by individual investors 


Key findings


Understanding the emotional intensity experienced by people in the previous months and evaluating people’s well-being across finances, health, work and life.

Financial Habits

Assessing financial and investing confidence, as well as current financial habits related to spending, saving and debt.


Determining current retirement timelines and changes to planned retirement ages and understanding employees’ approach to financial planning and advice.


Understanding employees’ needs from their employer regarding benefits and financial wellness and understanding take up of, and changes to, equity plans.

Important information

The sample consisted of respondents with the following qualifying conditions: 

  • Aged 20-75
  • Either they or their partner were employed full-time or part-time 
  • A minimum household income of: Australia: A$45,000 annually; China: RMB 5,000 monthly; Hong Kong: HK$15,000 monthly; USA: US$20,000 annually; Canada: CA$30,000 annually; UK: £10,000 annually; Mexico: $4,500 MXN monthly; Ireland: €20,000 annually; Germany: €20,000 annually; Netherlands: €20,000 annually; France: €20,000 annually; Italy: €15,000 annually; Spain: €15,000 annually; Japan: 3m yen annually; Brazil: R$1,501 monthly; India: ₹55,001 annually; Singapore: SGD$2,000 monthly.

The data collection, research and analysis for the above markets was completed in partnership with Opinium, a strategic insight agency. Data collection took place between August 2022 and September 2022. Reporting and analysis took place between August 2022 and October 2022.

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If you would like to reference this research - we recommend the following citation: The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey, 2022.