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Financial Wellness Insights

Sharing financial wellness research, insights and guidance for employers and employees.

Financial Wellness is becoming an increasing focus around the globe. Employees, faced with student loan or consumer debt, looking after the financial needs for the younger and/or older generations of their family as well as the task of saving for longer-term financial goals like retirement, are looking to their employer for support. They want to understand their whole financial picture, from borrowing to saving, budgeting and beyond.

Fidelity’s approach to financial wellness focuses on the four key areas of budgeting, debt, savings and protection, in order to make it easier for people to look after their financial fitness. This means helping employees getting the most from what they have now, while saving enough for the future.

Introduction to Financial Wellness

Helping employees get the most from what they have now, while saving enough for the future.

Global Financial Wellness Survey

A holistic and multi-layered approach to global research on financial wellness.

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