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Culture/Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity mindset - an integral cultural shift beyond infrastructure is needed

Against a backdrop of ongoing social change, an increasing corporate knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion best practices and scrutiny of such practices, we were surprised to see diversity become a less commonly selected priority for the near future.

Responses indicate that employers continue to navigate challenges in embedding inclusive strategies into workplace culture. In addition to difficulties in execution, the move to the less common segments for the future may suggest that many employers may see diversity as a one-off infrastructure problem to solve, rather than a mindset shift to embed diversity equity & inclusion into company culture.   

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Actions

On average employers reported taking about half of the 13 actions we asked about.


Source: The Fidelity Global Employer Survey, 2022. Respondents were asked: Which diversity equity & inclusion actions (from a list of 13 potential actions) has your company done? Base: Total Respondents (1000). No differences in total number of actions taken based on headquarter location, other regions, footprint size, revenue or % women in workforce. For a full list of the 13 Diversity Equity & Inclusion Actions please read the Fidelity Global Employer Survey Key Findings Report.

More actions and a strategic mindset may benefit talent goals

Companies in the United Sates who took these actions focused on DEI (vs did not) reported higher retention rates.


Source: The Fidelity Global Employer Survey, 2021. 

Employers who do have more priorities on diversity and have taken more of those actions, specifically hiring a Head
of Diversity & Inclusion, setting up a diversity and inclusion office, requiring diversity & inclusion training for leaders and adopting inclusive hiring practices, do have better outcomes in terms of attracting and retaining talent. Indicating that employers could benefit from a shift away from a ‘one-and-done’ approach to a more strategic mindset.


Key Findings Report

The Global Employer Survey 

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