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Global Employer Survey

Understanding key priorities, challenges, and opportunities for multinational employers

The annual Fidelity Global Employer Survey aims to understand and benchmark priorities, challenges and opportunities for multinational employers, and track the impact of employer actions on business outcomes.

We asked senior leaders at more than 1,000 multinational companies around the world detailed questions on how they are viewing their current and future (1-2 years from today) priorities. Their answers highlighted a connection between twenty-three different priorities, which we have grouped into four key themes: work environment, culture/diversity & inclusion, talent and compensation & benefits.

Culture/Diversity & Inclusion  Talent Work Environment Compensation & Benefits
  • Company culture 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Employee financial wellness
  • Environmental sustainability 
  • Integrating diversity & inclusion into benefits and workplace culture
  • Corporate action
  • Employee geographic mobility & related challenges
  • Independent/contract workers
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent development
  • Talent retention
  • Workforce diversity
  • Crisis management/navigating COVID-19
  • Implementing new technologies
  • Managing risk within the company
  • Political & regulatory issues 
  • Remote working & hybrid working arrangements
  • Translating global strategy into practice regionally 
  • Competitive compensation & benefits
  • Employee benefits usage 
  • Employee retirement readiness
  • Mitigating benefit cost increase


The sample consisted of 1,000 senior leaders at US and non-US based multinational corporations where the company: Employs at least 1,000 employees globally; Has a presence in at least two countries/regions and at least two continents; Is for-profit or non-profit (government bodies were excluded).

The data collection, research and analysis was completed in partnership with Dynata, a third party market research company, using their global research panel in conjunction with their partner vendors. Data collection took place between 14th December 2021 to 12th January 2022.



For more information on the framework and methodology download the Key Findings Report.

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Key Watchout areas


Culture/Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Mindset - an integral cultural shift beyond infrastructure is needed



Talent retention - North America sounding the alarm


Work Environment

Remote Working - despite rapid adaption current challenges remain


Compensation & Benefits

Employee Wellness - a key indicator of satisfaction & retention

What this could mean for Employers

The business landscape continues to grow the number and complexity of challenges where multinational firms must re-evaluate how they focus their efforts. Our research shows that employers place relatively low priority in some areas - workplace culture, employee financial wellness and well-being, and workforce diversity - compared to others, thinking they will find better outcomes if they focus on more short-term efforts. Yet, investing in foundational topics in workplace culture and talent is important to employer outcomes and show better outcomes when it comes to recruitment and retention efforts.

Fidelity encourages employers to consider this framework as a contextual structure to assess their goals and priorities across the themes of culture/diversity & inclusion, talent, work environment and compensation & benefits, to consider the holistic and interdependent nature of key priorities within these themes and to consider the broad impact of actions on both employer outcomes and the employee experience.

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