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Leading with talent

Key findings from the 2023 Global Employer Survey

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Despite the focus, many multinational companies say making progress on their talent-related priorities is challenging. Given the number of factors that may impact progress, we are not surprised by the number of companies stating difficulties in making progress on building and maintaining the talent pipeline.

What factors are challenging progress for employers on talent-related priorities


Factor 1: Burnout and Turnover



Factor 2: Changes in business strategy


Factor 3: The impact of Artificial Intelligence

Three questions for those who want to lead with talent

Employers are looking to satisfy their talent-related priorities while adapting to a complex and ever-changing landscape with incredibly dynamic worker values, but how specifically can they do that? We acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. So, we present the following three key questions for your teams to consider and identify associated opportunities, where employer action may positively influence both employer outcomes and the employee experience at headquarters and local offices around the world.

1. What benefits can companies use to attract workers besides pay?

We examine what actions beyond pay employers can potentially utilise to bolster the financial wellness of their employees and how these actions may positively impact talent related priorities for your business.

2. How can an emphasis on fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion improve your talent-related outcomes?

We look at the progress and future plans of employers to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and identify actions that may meet talent-related priorities like attraction and retention and position your company as an employer of choice.

3. Does your company have a consistent definition of flexibility at work?

We consider the evolution of flexibility strategies, the importance of defining what flexibility means for your business and your employees and its potential impact on retention.

Hear from our experts

Elizabeth Ryan and Carolina Wanderley discuss how an emphasis on fostering diversity, equity and inclusion may improve talent-related outcomes.

Watch time 8:24

The Global Employer Survey 2023

Find out more about efforts in attracting and retaining employees and these strategic conversations to lead with your teams.

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