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Understanding and evaluating employee's well-being across finances, health, work and life.

Source: The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey 2022

Actions for Employers to consider

  • Invest in employee well-being - advocate for mental health support in the workplace and support employee resource groups.
  • Review your flexibility strategies beyond working from home - embrace flexible work policies for better work/life balance.
  • Make manager training a priority - continue to support and train managers with all changes and well-being strategies that support their teams.

More well-being insights

Interested in exploring more? Download our infographics below for a deeper dive into the survey's well-being findings.

2022 well-being insights

Want to find out more about the 2022 well-being findings? Read this year’s full well-being insights by downloading our PDF below.

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More key findings

Financial habits

Assessing financial and investing confidence, as well as current financial habits related to spending, saving and debt.


Determining current retirement timelines and changes to planned retirement ages and understanding employees’ approach to financial planning.


Understanding employees’ needs from their employer regarding benefits and financial wellness and understanding take up of, and changes to, equity plans.


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Global Employer Survey 2021 well-being findings
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