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The well-being of the global workforce

Are your benefits programs addressing the factors that have the biggest impact on employee satisfaction and well-being?

Important information: This information is for scheme sponsors’, trustees’, their advisers’, and consultants’ use only and should not be relied upon by individual investors. 

Emerging from the global pandemic, many workers are feeling more positive about many parts of their lives, which may provide employers with an opportunity to take advantage of the renewed sense of optimism.

Workers around the world likely describe many parts of their lives as "good"

Question: How would you describe your current state of your…?
Source: The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey 2023

While many workers are feeling positive about many parts of their lives, employers still have an opportunity to support their employees to feel well at work by focusing on job satisfaction.

Less than half of workers around the world say they are extremely/very satisfied with their jobs

Question: How satisfied are you with your job overall?
Source: The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey 2023

Employers also have an opportunity to understand the impact of stress on the ability to concentrate at work.

If not addressed, financial stresses top the list of factors that may impact workplace productivity and worker well-being

Question: You identified the following as causing you stress. How much do you agree or disagree that each of these have impacted your ability to concentrate at work?
Source: The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey 2023

Questions for employers to consider to improve employee well-being

  1. How do your current workplace offerings encompass intangible benefits that support work/life balance and help fulfil psychological needs? 
  2. How have you aligned with your employees with their definition of balance of job responsibilities and obligations outside of the workplace?


Take a look at what being "well at work" looks like for global employees.

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