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Helping workers to feel well at work

Are you offering benefits that support employees during important moments in their lives?

Important information: This information is for scheme sponsors’, trustees’, their advisers’, and consultants’ use only and should not be relied upon by individual investors. 

Broadening the scope of your benefits to support workers when they need help the most can be an effective talent strategy. 

Younger workers may be looking for support that helps shape their professional identity, whereas more mature workers may look for support that mirrors where they are professionally and personally. 

Understanding what support is valuable, particularly what may contribute to restlessness at work, may improve talent outcomes for employers; workers want employer support for short-term illness/injury, being laid off, and preparing for and living in retirement.

Question: For each life event, please indicate whether or not you would want support through your employer.
Source: The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey 2023

Additionally, understanding why employees leave your firm can also be valuable. While inadequate compensation may be the top reason given by workers considering leaving their jobs, it isn't the only one; employers have an opportunity to curb employee turnover.

Question: What are the reason(s) you are likely to leave your current job? Please select all that apply.
Source: The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey, 2023

Additional questions to consider to increase wellness at work

  1. How are you offering help to those who need support the most? Does your benefits platform ease restlessness at work? 
  2. What kind of role do you want to play with choosing benefits selection for your various worker populations? Would you prefer to offer them a selection of various benefits or offer them a pre-selected yet comprehensive list of offerings?


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